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Case Studies

Here is how we helped several different types of organizations become world-class. Do you find yourself in any situation like these?

Case Study: Innovation at Ticketmaster

One day I got call from an executive at Ticketmaster. They are a multi billion dollar company selling tickets to the world’s largest concerts and sporting events. Ticketmaster was having three problems. One problem came from the marketplace: Lots of companies were trying to get into the online ticketing business, like StubHub and other startups. […] Read more

Case Study: The Slowed-Down Startup

After enjoying initial success, a mid-sized tech company in the San Francisco Bay Area began faltering in the face of bold competition and an increasingly crowded market. The company’s R&D was encumbered by numerous shortcuts taken to patch up issues and could no longer deliver value as rapidly as their customers demanded. In our work […] Read more

Case Study: Cloud Services at KT

In late 2010, KT, South Korea’s second-largest mobile phone network operator, was in the process of launching three IaaS clouds and transforming itself into the first cloud service provider in Korea. Executive management, middle management, and line staff were unfamiliar with the ramifications of this transformation and sought the advice of a seasoned consultant and […] Read more

Case Study: The Case of the Stagnating Organization

“I feel like we’ve been stuck for the past year and a half,” the director said. 18 months prior, the startup company he founded was acquired by a large multinational firm. All twenty employees chose to carry on as members of the new corporate division, and the director went from being a controlling partner in […] Read more