“We are always impressed with Shlomo’s professionalism and attention to detail. He has worked with us on a couple major cloud infrastructure initiatives and we see him as a true business partner. He takes time to understand our initial goals and helps us set the roadmap to accomplish them. We never feel like his recommendations are a ‘sales pitch’ to lead us down a certain path but rather solid direction based on an impressive technical background and skill-set.”
Marty Laroche, CTO
eRetailing Associates

“I wanted intelligent and insightful feedback about my business strategy, so I contacted Shlomo. He listened well, quickly grasping my intent, and helped me re-examine my thinking from fresh angles and broader perspectives. As a result, I feel much more certain about my strategy and confident that we’ll be able to pull it off.”
Lior Shamir
Serial entrepreneur and CEO at VibeDeck

“My respect & admiration for Shlomo Swidler continues to grow. He’s the ultimate cloud expert, business coach, and a true mensch.”
Daniel Koffler, co-Founder
via Twitter

“Shlomo is a great communicator and has unparalleled knowledge of Amazon’s EC2 platform.”
Michael Driscoll, CEO
Metamarkets Group

“Shlomo is an outstanding individual who is at the top of his game. He exhibits expertise in breaking down a task, then accessing all viable options to save you time and money. His knowledge of AWS will help you leverage the best out of your systems and workflow.”
Benedict Noel, VP R&D

“My business unit needed to change direction rapidly to take advantage of the new possibilities enabled by the cloud. Shlomo helped me develop a strategy to do so, and now we can focus on executing this strategy and maximize our benefit from cloud.”
Dr. Hyeonkyu Lee, Senior Vice President, Advanced Platform & Software Business Center
KT Corp.

“Our product faced an imminent launch deadline, and our integration partner suddenly went out of business. Shlomo quickly deployed our product on Amazon’s cloud to meet our deadline. He set up a complete operational environment allowing us to track performance and taught our team to use it effectively. I highly recommend him to anyone developing applications that use the cloud.”
Steve Devries, Founder

“Shlomo proved to be extremely wise and provided the exact information we required to begin navigating the Amazon Web Services landscape. He is a welcomed asset to our research and we hope to use him again as we delve further into cloud computing.”
Daniel Stevens, CEO

“Shlomo was instrumental in getting our company up to speed with Amazon Web Services, specifically EC2 and EBS. With his consultation, we successfully migrated a 5 year old web application to Amazon EC2 without problems. If you are a developer, and/or web applications administrator like myself who wants to be brought up to speed in the least amount of time, I highly recommend consulting with Shlomo.”
Angelo Mandato, CIO
RawVoice, Inc.

“It was well worth it to know that my assignment was in the hands of a proven expert in cloud computing, especially in Amazon AWS. Shlomo was on time, precise, helpful, and patient with any changes along the way.”
Jason Byrne, Founder
MileSplit, Inc.

“Shlomo is THE foremost expert in Amazon EC2 cloud computing. He is a consummate professional who guided the transition of our ecommerce sites from our outdated hardware to Amazon’s cloud from the research phase to completion. He answered every question along the way in a timely and definitive manner. He even coached our application development process along to be better suited for long term maintainability on EC2. Shlomo was a joy to work with and has my utmost trust and respect.”
Brian Thibault, CTO
eRetailing Associates

“Shlomo was an absolute pleasure to work with. The best provider we’ve worked with… he consistently followed up to insure there were no problems.”
Shawn Berg, Founder