Case Studies

Case Study: The Slowed-Down Startup

After enjoying initial success, a mid-sized tech company in the San Francisco Bay Area began faltering in the face of bold competition and an increasingly crowded market. The company’s R&D was encumbered by numerous shortcuts taken to patch up issues and could no longer deliver value as rapidly as their customers demanded.

In our work with the CEO we pinpointed the essential elements for his operation to regain its innovative spark. We realigned the priorities of the business, shifting investment away from underperforming areas and toward a streamlined R&D process. We helped the client take the unprecedented step of ceasing new R&D efforts for a period of six months in order to clean house. Along the way, we ensured that short-term thinking did not imperil these investments. After this period we restored normal operation.

As a result, within ten months the company quickly regained its position as an innovator in the market. The company achieved a 90% reduction in time to market and began delivering new value to customers at a pace unrivaled by their competitors. As a result of its improved reputation as an innovator the company was able to increase sales dramatically and attract new talent.