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OpenStack Israel Podcast, Episode 11

This podcast series explores topics of interest to OpenStack practitioners, focusing on the ecosystem in Israel.

In this episode I speak with Nelson Nahum, CEO and founder of Zadara Storage. We talk about:

  • What does Zadara Storage do and how do you use OpenStack?
  • How easy or difficult have you found it to keep up with the changing APIs across releases, especially in the early days of OpenStack? What should OpenStack users do to keep up
  • What challenges have you had with using OpenStack?
  • What do you think of RedHat’s acquisition of Inktank, creators of storage provider Ceph that is popular in OpenStack deployments?
  • What lessons have you learned from your experience operating several large scale OpenStack deployments?
  • How can we get an OpenStack Summit to happen in Israel?

Shlomo Swidler’s OpenStackIL Podcast Episode 11: Nelson Nahum of Zadara Storage

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