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OpenStack Israel Podcast, Episode 9

This podcast series explores topics of interest to OpenStack practitioners, focusing on the ecosystem in Israel.

In this episode I speak with Ken Pepple, CTO of Solinea and author of Deploying OpenStack. We talk about:

  • What does Solinea do?
  • How does OpenStack compare to other infrastructure cloud software on the market, such as CloudStack, vCloud, and Eucalyptus?
  • What types of customers are using CloudStack vs. OpenStack, and for what?
  • What are CloudStack and OpenStack deployments making money on?
  • What has attracted customers to OpenStack in the past and now with Icehouse?
  • What is the focus of the Icehouse release, and how will it help enterprises?
  • What kinds of Hadoop solutions are happening that integrate OpenStack?
  • What happens during the two to three months of a pilot infrastructure cloud project?
  • What is the difference between an OpenStack distro and an OpenStack services offering?
  • What are the two main challenges facing the Israel OpenStack community?

Shlomo Swidler’s OpenStackIL Podcast Episode 9: Ken Pepple of Solinea

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