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Ten^H^H^H Many Cloud App Design Patterns

Today I presented at the Enterprise Cloud Summit at the Interop conference. The talk was officially entitled Ten Cloud Design Patterns, but because my focus is on the application, I re-titled it. And I mention more than ten patterns, hence the final title Many Cloud App Design Patterns.

I explore a number of important issues for cloud applications. Application state and behavior must both be scaled. Availability is dependent on MTTR and MTTF – but one of them is much more important than the other in the cloud. Single Points of Failure are the nemesis of availability, and I walk through some typical patterns for reducing SPOFs in the cloud.

Hat tips to Jonas Bonér for his inspiring presentation Scalability, Availability, Stability Patterns and to George Reese for his blog The AWS Outage: The Cloud’s Shining Moment.

Here’s the presentation – your comments are welcome.

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