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cloud computing

The ROI of cloud computing

I am often asked by CEOs and CIOs to explain the ROI of cloud computing. My answer goes something like this. How well do you see? The main consideration in evaluating the ROI of cloud computing is your eyesight. What is the scope of your vision? What do you believe about the future? Ask yourself, as […] read more

Cloud pricing wrinkles and tea in China

As you’ve probably heard, Amazon Web Services reduced their on-demand cloud prices significantly last week. You’d think customers would be happy across the board, but that’s not the case. Here’s why, and what will happen as a result. As discussed previously, AWS customers translate their capacity planning into Reserved Instance purchases, based on the relative […] read more

Cloud price reductions and capacity planning

Last week both Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services reduced their prices for cloud computing services significantly to comparable levels, and both now offer significant discounts for long-term usage. Yet, though the two cloud services may seem similar, their radically different long-term pricing models reveal just how different these cloud offerings really are. Whose […] read more

The four pillars of cloud computing success

Success with cloud computing means adopting more than just technology change. It requires addressing the elements that make your organization unique: how you work, the risks you’re prepared to take, and the market in which you sell. Even a tailor with all the right supplies – several yards of fabric, a sewing machine, and an […] read more

Ancient wisdom apparently has much to offer modern cloud application architects. This fragment was discovered in a shadowy basement in the Tel Aviv area of Israel. See a PDF of the fragment This finding clearly shows that ancient cloud application architects in the great talmudic academies of Babylon struggled with the transition away from classic […] read more

Answers from OpenStack leaders

This week I attended the OpenStack Israel 2013 conference. The conference was sold out, with over 400 attendees in a standing-room-only auditorium. As I mentioned earlier, I moderated a panel entitled “If OpenStack is the answer, what was the question?” Here is the video. Below is a summary of the panel’s Q&A. I want to […] read more

Questions for OpenStack leaders

I’ll be moderating a panel of OpenStack leaders next week at the OpenStack Israel 2013 event in Tel Aviv. Last year’s OpenStack Israel event was excellent, and this year’s gathering looks like it will knock it out of the park. Over 350 people are already registered for the conference, and the two days of technical […] read more

Not workloads – impact.

Before you ask yourself “what can and can’t I do in the cloud,” stop to consider the larger picture. How will your customers know that you have adopted cloud computing? What resulting radical improvement will delight your customers? These questions help you focus on the impact you want to achieve with your initiative. The answers […] read more

Three Critical Pitfalls to the Success of Cloud Offerings

Whether you operate IaaS, PaaS, or a SaaS service, watch out for these three pitfalls to the success of cloud offerings: Encouraging the wrong thing. Measuring the success of the offering by looking only at utilization metrics damages sales. One cloud service provider measured the success of its IaaS service – and compensated its sales force – […] read more

Cloud adoption flu season

This coming year tens of thousands of medium and large companies will conduct initiatives to adopt cloud computing – and most of these will fail. The cause of these project failures will be unrealistic expectations. The inoculation is a hefty dose of reality. Get your vaccine here. No one questions the fact that IT is […] read more