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OpenStack Israel Podcast, Episode 10

This podcast series explores topics of interest to OpenStack practitioners, focusing on the ecosystem in Israel.

In this episode I speak with Yaron Haviv, VP of Datacenter and Storage Solutions at Mellanox. We talk about:

  • Why is OpenStack interesting for Mellanox today?
  • What lessons are being learned by Mellanox’s customers using OpenStack?
  • What are you doing to leverage your lessons learned from customer and internal use?
  • What is the scale of OpenStack use and skills within Mellanox?
  • What are Mellanox customers doing with OpenStack, and how are you helping them?
  • Why is OpenStack important to Mellanox for the future?
  • When and why did you know that OpenStack was worthy of serious consideration?
  • What will you present about at the upcoming OpenStack Israel event?
  • What advice would you give someone just starting to get familiar with OpenStack?

Shlomo Swidler’s OpenStackIL Podcast Episode 10: Yaron Haviv of Mellanox

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